Nutritional Value And Benefit Of Blood Peach

Jul 27, 2020
Nutritional Value And Benefit Of Blood Peach

Blood peach is a type of peach with blood pulp. It has high nutritional and is good for our health,that’s why it is popular. But do you know what is its nutritional value and benefit?


Nutritional Value of Blood Peach


Invigorate Stomach and Promote Digestion Function

Blood peach invigorates stomach and it has many organic acid and cellulose which may enhance the secretion of digestive juice and strengthen the gastrointestinal motility as to promote digestion function.


Invigorate Qi and Blood

There’s also nourishment in blood peach which invigorates Qi and blood. It helps a lot to those in recovery from big disease, deficient in Qi and blood, emaciation with sallow complexion and short breathed.


Maintain Beauty and Keep Young

It helps against aging to females.


Prevent Anemia

It is rich in iron element, which is good to those children and women suffering from iron-deficiency anemia.


Induce diuresis to reduce edema

Blood peach induces diuresis to reduce edema, which is not a bad choice to those edema patients.


That’s all the nutritional value of blood peach, and now you know all the benefit of blood peach.the nutritional value of blood peach is very high, it is rich in protein, fat, coarse fiber, sugar, phosphor, iron, calcium, carotene, vitamin, essential oil and organic acid, these element take an import part in our health. So, enjoy blood peach and have a long life.