Body's Protective Shield-Antarctic Krill Peptide

Nov 20, 2020
Body's Protective Shield-Antarctic Krill Peptide

What is Antarctic krill peptide?


Krill peptide is a small molecule peptide product obtained from Antarctic krill using proteolysis technology. The molecular weight is generally lower than 1000Da

Antarctic krill is not only a huge resource, but also has high nutritional value. It has a typical high protein and low fat. And the characteristics of rich minerals.


Benefits of Antarctic krill peptide

Antioxidant Krill peptide has scavenging ability to superoxide anions, hydroxyl free radicals and DPPH. As the concentration increases, its scavenging ability also increases, showing an obvious dose-dependent relationship.


Antarctic krill peptide has the effects of significantly improving anti-fatigue, anti-anoxia and anti-aging, and improving immunity.


Lowering blood pressure and blood sugar: Krill peptide contains ACE inhibitory peptide and DPP-IV inhibitory peptide, which can lower blood pressure and blood sugar.


Suitable for people who are prone to fatigue and weakened immunity, people with three highs, people with sports, people with osteoporosis, etc.