Rice Glucose Syrup

Rice Glucose Syrup

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Other Names:Rice Syrup


EINECS No.:2232-436-4


Place of Origin:Shanxi, China (Mainland)

Type:Flavoring Agents, Nutrition Enhancers, Stabilizers, Sweeteners, Thickeners

Brand Name:BINGO

Apperance:Traditional brown or clarified






Boiling Temperature:105-155℃

Transmissivity:96% min



1.Better texturer,color and sweetness.Fuctose contains purer and fresher sweet taste.When used in juice or other beverage,it can bring a cool mouthfeel.Therefore,most recognized beverage brands apply fructose as the sweetner.

2.Non covering the original flavor.Fructose can maintain the original flavor of juice or pulp beverage.

3.With stronge osmotic pressure,can fastly penetrate through cell tissue,which is beneficial to restrain the microbial grouth on the food surface.

4.Moisture absorption and retention property.Cakes made by fructose can maintain soft texture,and keep fresh,which can improve the products grade and extend shelf life.

5.Lower freezing temperature.When applied fructose into cold drinks,can overcome the shortcoming of ice crystals,let the products more soft,more creamy,and enhance the sweet and aroma taste,which can boviously improve the products grade.

6.Better fermentation.When used in the production of low-alcohol drink,it can not only control the fermentation degree,but also can avoid precipitation and improve the transparency and flavor.

7.Special functions for human body health.Fructos plays a role as sweeter in many frunctional products.It is the lest sugar source for variety of healthy and liquid and flavored syrup.

8.Lower viscosity than sucrose.Easier to mix with other raw material.Fructose has been refined several times in production process,which can provide better color,fewer  microorganism contamination,and better health index.

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