Hydroxypropyl Starch

Hydroxypropyl Starch

Product Name: Hydroxypropyl starch
Color:white powder CAS No.: 9049-76-7
Specification: 98%
Sample: Available

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What is Sodium cyclamate ?

White crystalline powder or needle-like crystal (fakes) High sweetness, 50 times of normal sugar Taste sweet,no bitter feeling Harmless to health Physically stable,resistent to heat,acid and alkaline

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(1)Sodium Cyclamate is a non-nutritive sweetener synthesis, which is 30 times the sweetness of sucrose, while only a third of the price of sugar, but it is not the amount of saccharin as a little more when there is a bitter taste, so as an international common food additive can be used for soft drinks, fruit juices, ice cream, cakes and preserves food, etc.

(2)Sodium Cyclamate can be used for household seasoning, cooking, pickle products, etc.
(3)Sodium Cyclamate can be used

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