1.Latin Name:Catharanthus roseus (L.)G. Don
2.Specification: 98%
3.Appearance: White Crystal powder
5.Sample: Available
6.Certificates: COA, Halal, Kosher, ISO22000, cGMP.6.Certificates: COA, Halal, Kosher, ISO22000, cGMP.

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Vincamine Powder

Vincamine is a peripheral vasodilator that increases blood flow to the brain. Generic drugs containing vincamine exist in specific regions. Most common drug preparations are in the sustained release forms. Vincamine is a monoterpenoid indole alkaloid found in the leaves of Vinca minor, comprising about 25-65% of the indole alkaloids found in Vinca minor by weight. It can be synthesized from related alkaloids. Vincamine is often used as a nootropic agent to combat the effects of aging, or in conjunction with other nootropics (such as piracetam) for a variety of purposes.

Vincamine is used for the prevention and treatment of cerebrovascular insufficiencies and disorders.22

1.Vincamine Powder

2.Product Name:Vincamine

3.Appearance:White Crystal powder

4.Test Method:HPLC


6.Shelf life:2 Years

7.Molecular Weight:354.44

8.CAS No:1617-90-9


10.EINECS No:216-576-3


Vincamine Powder

Vinpocetine might improve blood flow to the brain, it is used for enhancing memory and preventing Alzheimer's disease and other conditions that harm learning, memory, and information processing skills as people age

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