Tremella Extract

Tremella Extract

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Fungus tremella belongs to tremella of tremella family, also known as white fungus, auricularia auricularia, tremella, etc., which has the good name of "crown of fungus". Summer and autumn on broad-leaved saprophytes. 

Tremella taste sweet, light, flat, non-toxic, both filling the spleen appetizing effect, and beneficial qi qingchang, nourishing Yin runfei role. It can not only enhance human immunity, but also enhance the tolerance of cancer patients to radiation and chemotherapy. Tremella is rich in natural vegetable colloid, plus it has the effect of nourishing Yin, it is a good skin food that can be taken for a long time.



product name:tremella extract 

Latin Name:Tremella Fuciformis

Test Method:UV. HPLC

MOQ:1 Kg

Active Ingredient:Beta Glucan


Purity:99 % Pure Nature

Application:Health-care Products

Function:Improve Immunity



1.Applied in medicine field,

2.Applied in the cosmetics field.

3.Applied in health products.

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