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Rutin is also known as rutin, vitamin P, purple quercitrin, lutein, lutein powder, lutein, ralose, and purple quercitrin. Its main uses are anti-inflammatory and antiviral, and it is clinically used to prevent and treat cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension, retinal hemorrhage, purple scar and acute hemorrhagic nephritis.



product name :Rutinum

Preservation methods: cool and dry, avoid light and high temperature

Shelf life: 2 years (tentative)

Specification content: 98%

Detection method: HPLC

Detection method: UV spectrophotometry



It is mainly used for capillary hemorrhage with increased fragility, and is also used for adjuvant treatment of hypertensive encephalopathy, cerebral hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhage, hemorrhagic purpura, acute hemorrhagic nephritis, recurrent epistaxis, traumatic pulmonary hemorrhage, postpartum hemorrhage, etc.

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