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Bee Propolis powder contains more than 20 categories, more than 300 kinds of natural ingredients, the main active ingredients of Propolis powder are flavonoids, terpenoids and other natural compounds. Propolis health food, as dietary flavonoids, terpe noids and other compounds of less than a useful complement to regulate the physiological functions of the body play a beneficial health effects. Propolis health food gentle and effective, the nature non-toxic, all-season, you can rest assured that food. Been proved that: eat propolis health food, beneficial to human health. To note 



Product Type:Propolis

Place of Origin:Shanxi, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:BINGO



Shelf Life:2 Years

Total Flavonoids Content (%):10 %

Product Name:Propolis Powder

Appearance:Brown Powder

Test Method:HPLC




1.Bee Propolis powder is marketed by health food stores as a traditional medicine, and for its claimed beneficial effect on human health.

2.Bee Propolis Powder is also believed to promote heart health and reduce the chances of cataracts.Old beekeepers recommend a piece of propolis kept in the mouth as a remedy for a sore throat.Claims have been made for its use in treating allergy.

3.Bee Propolis powder has attracted the attention of the dental community. In-vitro, animal and clinical studies suggest  that propolis has a protective effect against caries and gingivitis. Propolis can also be used to treat canker sores,  and its use in canal debridement for endodontic.

4.Bee Propolis powder  is used by music instrument makers to better show the wood grain. It is a component of Italian varnish and was reportedly used by Stradivari.

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