Plum Extract

Plum Extract

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plum fruit extract sour in flavour, warm in nature, and tropistic to the heart, lung and kidney channels. Being warm and moist in nature, it has all the five kinds of taste, while the sourness is the dominant. So it functions mainly for astringency of preserve essence and in benefit as well, serving to astringe the lung in the upper-jiao and preserve essence in the lower-jiao, replenish Qi internally and consolidate the superficies externally.

Plum Extract (8)_副本


Product Name:Plum Fruit Powder

Latin Name:Prunus salicina Lindl.

Part Used: Fruit

Appearance: light red brown powder

Sieve analysis:pass 80 meshes 

Active ingredient: Polyphenol

Specification: 5:1 12:1 20:1

Test Method: TLC

Application:Food Additives

Plum Extract (8-1)_副本


1. Applied in food field

2. Applied in health product field 

3.Applied in pharmaceutical field

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