Mentha Arvensis Oil

Mentha Arvensis Oil

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Peppermint oil is derived from thepeppermint plant --a cross between water mint and spearmint --that thrives in Europe and North American, and it is 100% natural ,slightly yellow clear liquid, having a characteristic odor of menthaavensis. PEPPERMINT OIL Widely used in food and cosmetic perfumery additive, pharmaceutical, ciggarette,soaps, toothpaste and Cosmetics industries



Product name:Peppermint essential oil

Purity:100% Natural Pure


Botanical Name:MenthaPiperita

Method of Extract:Steam Distilled

Odor:Strong peppermint odor

Function:Health Care




1.Peppermint Essential Oil contains large quality of menthol, it aid to digestion and relieves bad breath,so it is widely used in gum,toothpaste,ice cream and so on;

2.Peppermint Essential Oil is good for skin. Bulk peppermint oil can cold skin and improve the condition of dry and oiled skin;

3.Peppermint Essential Oil is good for hair. It can clean dandruff and head louse,specially good for oiled hair;

4.Peppermint Essential Oil is Friendly to the sinuses,useful to the muscular system, especially for women during monthly cycles or menopause;

5.Peppermint Essential Oil is Refreshing, a mental stimulant and energizing. good for mental fatigue and nervous stress;

6.Peppermint Essential Oil can Drive mosquito.

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