Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Green tea powder has good antioxidant and sedative effects and can relieve fatigue. Green tea contains vitamin C and flavonoids, among which flavonoids can be enhanced

Vitamin C has antioxidant effect, and this flavonoid is also a precious nutrient, so it can be said to have a rare effect on maintaining skin whitening. Green tea powder can be used as facial mask to clean skin, replenish water and control oil, fade pockmarks and promote skin injury recovery. Yogurt, yogurt or apple juice can also be added to relieve constipation, reduce weight, beautify body, and reduce weight.

Green tea powder is widely used. You can drink it every day or make it into a facial mask. You can even touch green tea to shrink skin and increase the strength of sebum membrane. The effect of building healthy skin should not be interrupted once a day. It also has special effects in treating acne and suppuration.

Green tea powder is an economical food. Green tea can lose weight because aromatic compounds in green tea can dissolve fat, remove turbidity and greasy, prevent fat from accumulating in the body. Vitamins B1 and C can promote gastric juice secretion and help digestion and fat elimination. Green tea can also increase body fluid nutrition and heat metabolism, strengthen microvascular circulation and reduce fat deposition. Spend a few minutes to prepare a pot of fragrant green tea. While moistening your tongue, you can also beautify and lose weight.




Place of Origin:Shanxi, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:BINGO

Product name:Instant Green Tea Powder

Appearance:Green Fine Powder

Specs:Instant, 300-1200Mesh

Usage:Face Mask, Food Additives, beverage

Application:Food, Beverage and drink


Extract Ratio Spec:10:1, 20:1 by TLC




1.Applied in cosmetics field,green tea extract owns the effect of anti-wrinkle and anti-Aging;

2.Applied in food field,green tea extract is used as natural antioxidant, antistaling agent, and anti-fading agents;

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field,green tea extract is used to prevent and cure cardiovascular disease, diabetes.

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