Maltose Syrup

Maltose Syrup

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Caramel (maltose syrup or maltose) is made from corn, barley, wheat, millet or corn and other food saccharification and fermentation of food. It is also blindly traditional Chinese medicine, sweet, warm, spleen, stomach, lung, clinical mainly used to spleen Qi, urgency and pain relief, lungs and cough, treatment of spleen and stomach Deficiency, Shortness of breath, shortness of breath, etc., are applied in many ways. In addition, caramel also has a certain degree of reducing, anti-oxidation, with greater osmotic pressure, can inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in the preparation



Product name:Malt Syrup

Appearance:Brown yellow crystalline powder

Usage:Food Additives


Purity (%):99%

Use:food additive, pharma

Certification:ISO, CQC, IQNET

Shelf Life:2 Years

Melting point::119-121 ° C


It is widely used in fields of food industry. Rice malt syrup is often used in jam, jellies to prevent precipitation of sugar. It is also used extensively for bread, pastries, beer, and also is widely used in confectionery, beverages, prepared food, frozen foods, condiments and other fields.

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