Maltose Powder

Maltose Powder

Product name:IMO isomaltooligosaccharide
Appearance:White Powder for Sodium saccharin
Grade:Food Grade
Sample: Avaliable
Storage: Cool Dry Place
Test method:HPLC

Product Details



IMO is produced by enzyme method, improves greatly the quality of syrup, enhance the transformation rate of dextrose equivalent and starch, reduce the ash and protein and co-products, and supply satisfactory materials to keep high quality and flavor and stability of products in food industries.

This product possesses anti-bacterial growth and promoting absorption of calcium. It also has characteristics of strong acid-resistance, strong thermo-tolerance, low sweetness and fine taste. It is widely used in products of keep the flavor of the products and reinforce nutritious elements of body.


Product name:IMO Isomaltooligosaccharide

Appearance:White Powder for Sodium saccharin


Grade:Food Grade

Application:Food Addtive


Shelf Life:2 Years

Form:Powder Form

Usage:Daily Flavor



1.IMO is hardly digested and absorbed in human gastrointestinal tract.It can be used as a favourable growth factor for bifidobactrerium and enhance immune function.

2.Low viscosity,good stability,resistant to acid and heat,Meillard reaction(Smaller in acidity,bigger in neutrality),lower water activity,good bacterium resistance,Use IMO is better in terms of the hardness,transparency,colouring,and whip ability into confectionery than other syrup.

3.IMO has anti-cariogenicity,hard fermentability.It provide advantage of anti-cariogenicity,lower calorie and nice mouth feeling while used in bubble gum,chewing gum,aerated candy etc,.

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