Magnolia Flower Oil

Magnolia Flower Oil

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Magnolia is a flowering plant that is in the family of Magnoliaceae family. The flowers and bark of magnolia plants have been praised for their multiple medicinal applications, some of which are based in traditional medicine, while others have been revealed through modern research into the precise chemical components of the flower, its extracts, and the composition of the bark. Magnolia has long been praised in Chinese traditional medicine, but is now widely regarded as a beneficial supplement or herbal remedy around the world. Now, let's take a closer look at the many health benefits of magnolia essential oil



Product name: Magnolia Flower Oil 


Function:Whitening, Anti-oxidation, Liver protection

Grade:Pharmaceutical and cosmetic Grade

Odor:With the characteristic odor

Appearance:Light Yellow Liquid


Shelf life:2 Years Proper Storage

Storage:Cool and Dry



1.The essential oil may be used as an aphrodisiac, for sacred ceremonies, in emotional aromatherapy it is used to increase confidence and enhance well-being.

2.Magnolia essential oil can be used to treat allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections.It offers relief for allergenic reactions and congestion.

3.The oil is occasionally applied topically to reduce fevers, regulate female hormones, and as an emollient that nourishes the skin and balances oil secretions.

4.Magnolia essential oil is thought to calm the nerves while stimulating awareness, increasing overall confidence, and acting as an aphrodisiac.

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