Lycoris Radiata Extract

Lycoris Radiata Extract

1.Botanical Name: Lycoris radiata
2.Appearance: White Powder
4.Sample: Available
5.Certificates: COA, Halal, Kosher, ISO22000, cGMP.

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Galantamine in its pure form is a white powder. Galantamine is a competitive and reversible cholinesterase inhibitor. It reduces the action of AChE and therefore tends to increase the concentration of acetylcholine in the brain. It is hypothesized that this action might relieve some of the symptoms of Alzheimer's. It is also an allosteric ligand at nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

The atomic resolution 3D structure of the complex of galantamine and its target, acetylcholinesterase, was determined by X-ray crystallography in 1999 (PDB code: 1DX6; see complex). There is no evidence that galantamine alters the course of the underlying dementing process. Galantamine has also shown activity in modulating the nicotinic cholinergic receptors on cholinergic neurons to increase acetylcholine release.



Type: Lycoris Radiata Extract

Form: Powder

Part: flower

Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland), Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade, Food Additive AAAAA

Brand Name: BINGO

Application: medicine

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Sample: Available

Appearance: white powder

Color: white Color

Name: Galanthamine

Lycoris radiata extract


1.Galanthamine Hydrobromide is the anti-cholinesterase, weak effect.

2.It has strong effect to the central nervous system through the blood brain barrier.

3.It mainly cures the infantile paralysis sequelae, sweeny and myasthenia gravis pseudoparalytica, etc.

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