Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea

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Jasmine was originated in western China andthe area of India and Arab. The center production areas is near the Persian Gulf. And now, they are widely planted in subtropical regions. Volatile oily substances, with a relieving Qi Stagnancy and resolving hard lump role, which contained in Jasmine. And It is the pain of the therapeutic Jiapin for it can alleviate the abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms of tenesmus. Jasmine can inhibite various of bacteria, and it can treat red eyes,sore,skin ulcers and inflammatory disease.by oral administration and external use.Tea polyphenols, extracted from jasmine, which are often used for anti-inflammatory and beauty as an anti-free radical, anti-oxidants. Jasmine are widely loved by the people as they has a good taste and medicinal value.



Product Name: Instant Jasmine Tea Powder

Latin Name:Camelliasinensis O. Ktze.


Appearance:Yellow Brown Fine Powder

Solubility:Very well in cold and warm water

Function:Beautify the skin, anti-pression

Advantage:very fast and you can get a cup of rose tea

MOQ:1kg/bag or 25kg/drum

Sorage:tightly sealed away from moisture and direct sunshine

Applications:Food, drinks, healthcare products, cosmetics



1. Instant Jasmine Tea Powder has adopted the technology of aroma recovery, short-time extraction, low temperature short-time concentration and freeze dry. Instant Jasmine Tea Powder benefits maintain the freshness, authenticity and naturalness of original freshly brewed tea profile.

2. Instant Jasmine Tea Powder for carbonated drinks

This series of instant tea powders developed specially for fruit flavor ice tea and carbonated drinks with characteristics of acid stability and less foam formation, Instant Jasmine Tea Powder can solve the technical problems of foaming and stability in the bottle filling procedure.

3. Instant tea specific for 3 in 1 milk tea

This series of products are made specifically for the 3-in-1 tea mix with unique processing techniques including aroma recovery, theaflavin and thearubigin fast and high efficiency extraction, CT concentration etc. These products have bright red color, thick and mellow taste, high aroma features It can combine perfectly with milk and non dairy creamer.

4. Instant Jasmine Tea Powder

Jasmine Tea Powder channel with even particle size, good flowability and enhanced solubility, especially suitable for sachet package and vending machine.

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