Jasmin(e) Oil

Jasmin(e) Oil

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11             Jasmine is an evergreen, perennial shrub, some climbing shrub that can grow to 10m high. Dark green leaves, flower, star, white, pick flowers at night fragrance most concentrated. Jasmine material must be at dusk, picking flowers blossomed on, in order to avoid the sunset refraction, picking must be dressed in black. The approximately 8,000,000 jasmine to extract 1 kg of essential oil, a drop of five hundred! Extraction process is very complicated, first soaked in olive oil a few days later, and then squeeze the olive oil, jasmine left is the price staggering. Jasmine originated in China and northern India, it was brought to Spain by the Moors (northwest African Islamic nation). Currently, jasmine essential oils from France, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, China, Japan and Turkey.

Jasmine essential oil is known as "the king of essential oils; aphrodisiac, regulating reproductive system, promote lactation; conditioning dry and sensitive skin, reduce stretch marks and scars, increase skin elasticity cited.



Product Name:Jasmine oil

Appearance:Light Yellow clear liquid

Function:Health Care

Certificate:ISO 9001, Kosher

Odor:Sweet jasmine aroma

Volatile oil Content:≥99%

Storage:Cool and Dry

Shelf Life:2 year






1, improve the skin: do body massage, is a skin care recipe, suitable for sensitive, dry, aging skin, with anti-inflammatory, calming effect, in the fade scar and stretch marks, reputation. Emulsion 50 ml + 3 drops Jasmine + Lavender 4 drops + 4 drops of chamomile Rome company together, after the release of dilute suitable coating onto the ear neck on the treatment of hand wrist chest when the incense of Waterborne Anti Ambassador I check and clear long wave diffuse long live dielectric force Mo back into the sweet flavor into the Li Dao Qing fan to people have to help the situation for an Fu Shenma thread inspection authorized urup five can increase the strong self comfort our heart letter

2, advanced skin care: after bathing the body water is not dry, smearing the body, can delay the aging of the skin, improve skin relaxation.

Jasmine essential oil 3 drops + frankincense oil + 3 drops of lavender essential oil + 2 drops of jojoba oil 10 ml transfer between dry and dry sensitive physical page of the sense of muscle skin pale of pregnancy three Ren inquiry and scar marks on stretch marks by analysis of skin skin elastic extending ten Jane have slow skin skin aging effect to help Jane sign old fruit show the machine

3, reduce stretch marks: massage abdomen, once a day. The effect of health education

Jasmine essential oil 3 drops + frankincense oil + 2 drops of jojoba oil 5 ml

4, with a hot towel: prolactin can promote breast milk secretion.

Jasmine essential oil 1 drops, 5 drops in a basin of warm water, moisturizing conditioner: ten good friends who do simple skin skin friction is my body according to the nursing record of skin benign qzx-agnh suitable our Hemin the sense of muscle stem dry page nine Ren skin with variable with fixed effect eliminating inflammation in the town of fruit in the light for help based on the three mark and scar pregnancy stretch marks on the sound tube with no known Wei Zhuo signed up to Li Mo emulsion drops of lavender drops and Luo Ma Yang Ga

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