Horsetail Extract Powder

Horsetail Extract Powder

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Product Details

1-product details

English Name Horsetail Extract

Major Components:Silicone


Assay Method:UV

Herb Source:Equisetum arvense

Brief:Brown fine powder

Pharmacology:1)It is a folk remedy for kidney and bladder troubles, arthritis, bleeding ulcers, and tuberculosis.2) It is also used to stop the bleeding of wounds and promote rapid healing.

Valid period:
24 months with original packing under 18  

1kg, 5kg, 10kg aluminum foil vacuum bag; or 20kg,25kgFiber Drum 

Store in cool dry place,avoid sunlight and high temperature.

4-product function

1.Wattle is an excellent astringent for the urinary - reproductive system, reducing bleeding and healing wounds due to its high organic silicon content. It is also of great value in the treatment of incontinence and bed-wetting in young children.
2.Bauhinia officinalis can effectively prevent osteoporosis.
3.High levels of silicon in bauhinia may help explain its use in arthritis and atherosclerosis
4.It can be used internally or externally to reduce inflammation and promote wound healing.


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