Forsythia Essential Oil

Forsythia Essential Oil

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Forsythia suspensa is an attractive deciduous shrub native to China. It is often grown ornamentally in the United States for its bright yellow flowers that appear in early spring. There are numerous horticultural varieties that are vegetatively propagated.

The Chinese drug is obtained in the fall from the ripe fruits of the cultivated plant. The related species F. viridissima and F. koreana also are used medicinally.



Place of Origin:Shanxi, China (Mainland)

Item name:Weeping Forsythia Oil

Volume:10ml,20ml,30ml,100ml or required

Product Type:Healthcare Products

Function:Health Care, medcial

Color:colorless to Light Yellow

Application:drugs and cosmetics

Latin Name:Forsythiasuspensa



1.Belong to the wild forsythia oil plant, forsythia seed oil content of up to 25%-33%, seed oils containing volatile colloid, good performance, good insulation paint is industrial raw material and cosmetics, and has a good development potential for oil, soap and cosmetics manufacturing, and manufacturing insulating paint and lubricating oil, easily absorbed by the human body, but also rich in digestion of oleic acid and linoleic acid, oil and aromatic flavor, is a good edible oil refining.

2. Forsythia Extract can be used as a natural preservative for food preservation, fish products is especially suitable for the water containing more fresh. Forsythia Extract can effectively inhibit the breeding of common spoilage bacteria in the environment and prolong the shelf life of the food. It is a new and low cost and safe food preservative.

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