Dehydrocholic Acid

Dehydrocholic Acid

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Dehydrocholic acid, molecular formula C24H34O5, molecular weight 402.52376, is extracted from the bile of animals by hydrogenation of cholic acid, is a semi-synthetic bile acid from cholic acid, white loose powder;No smell, bitter taste.Mp 231-242℃, melting distance within 3℃.Dissolved in sodium hydroxide solution, slightly dissolved in chloroform, slightly dissolved in ethanol, almost insoluble in water.This article is advantageous to the gallbladder and promotes the bile to secrete the function, it may stimulate the liver cell to secrete the large amount of low specific gravity, the low viscosity bile, promotes the bile the drainage but is advantageous to the biliary tract and the gallbladder bacteria, the inflammation product, the toxin, the gallbladder sand and the small stone eduction, plays the flushing clean biliary tract system the function.



Grade:Medicine Grade

Model Number: BG19062404-1

Product Name: Dehydrocholic Acid

Appearance: White Powder

CAS: 145-41-5

Molecular formula: C24H33NaO5

Molecular weight: 414.55

Test Method:HPLC

Shelf Life:2 Years

Storage:Cool and Dry

Melting point:238-240 °C


1.For biochemical research.The product belongs to cholic acid substances, used for gallbladder and biliary dysfunction;Condensation after cholecystectomy;Chronic cholecystitis;Cholelithiasis and chronic hepatitis.


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