Compress Pu'er Tea

Compress Pu'er Tea

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Pu'er tea is made from a fine variety of Yunnan big leaf species, picked fresh, and processed through special techniques.It has a thick and fat appearance, and its color is black or brown (commonly known as pig liver color). Pu'er tea has always been considered a health-care beverage. The clinical trials of relevant experts at home and abroad have proved that Pu'er tea has many effects such as lowering blood fat, slimming, bacteriostatic, digestive, warm stomach, detoxification and so on.



Product name: Instant pu 'er tea powder

Appearance:Brown Fine Powder

Safety evaluation:Innocuous

Function:Health proctect


Source:100% Natural

Active Ingredient:Tea polyphenol

Solubility:100% Water Soluble

MOQ:1 kg

Storage:Cool Dry Place7-1



2.PLowering cholesterol & triglycerides;

3.Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Pressure; 

4.Anti Cancer;

5.Prevents Inflammation;

6.Enhancing metabolism and fat oxidation;

7.Prevents Liver Disease;

8.Fights Infection.

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