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Citronellol is a kind of natural occurring acyclic monoterpenoid which can be found in citronella oils such as Cymbopogonnardus ((+)-citronellol) and rose oils and Pelargonium geraniums ((-)-citronellol). In addition to be extracted from natural oils, it can also be manufactured by the hydrogenation of geraniol or nerol. It is mainly used in perfumes and insects repellents as well as being used as a mite attractant. It should be noted that it is an excellent mosquito repellent at short distances. Combination with beta-cyclodextrin can make it has an average duration time of 1.5 hour against the mosquitoes. It can also be used for the manufacture of rose oxide. One of its most common applications is for adding floral and citrus notes to perfumes, soaps and cosmetics.



Purity:99% Natural

Brand Name:BINGO

Odor:Freshroselike odor

Molecular weight:156.26

Acid value:less than 1.0(mgKOH/g)

Tenacity on blotter:24 hours

Flashpoint(closed cup):82℃

Citronellol GC:99%



Citronellol is used to extract geraniol or citronellal, also used as a pesticide, drive midge medicine and soap fragrance;

Citronellol is widely used in preparation of perfume essence, soap and cosmetics essence, etc.

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