Chlorella Extract

Chlorella Extract

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1-product details

Chlorella (Chlorella) for the green algae Chlorella Cape nature unicellular green algae, is a single-celled freshwater algae spherical diameter of 3 to 8 microns, is one of the earliest life on Earth, he appeared in more than 20 billion years ago, is a highly efficient photosynthetic plants, with photosynthetic autotrophic growth and reproduction, it is very widespread

Chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris) Chlorella classes, chlorella Section. Unicellular algae, often solitary, but also multicellular aggregates. Cells spherical, oval, within a Health Week, cup-shaped or sheet-like body pigment. Asexual reproduction, each cell can produce 2,4,8 or 16 spores similar pro, mature oocytes rupture, spores to escape, after growing up as a new individual. Are distributed around the world, more people live in small shallow, but also marine species. Under natural conditions the individual less artificial culture thrive. Protein, fat and carbohydrate content within the cell are high, there are a variety of vitamins, and as an edible bait

Currently the world's known about 10 species of Chlorella, with its variants up to hundreds of species. Chlorella are widely distributed in nature, with most freshwater species; easy to culture, not only to the use of energy self-support, but also the use of an organic carbon source growth, reproduction under heterotrophic conditions; and fast growth and reproduction, on Earth animals and plants can only grow four times in 20h creatures, so its value is very high. Our common species are pyrenoidosa, Chlorella oval, Chlorella vulgaris, of which pyrenoidosa protein content is high, the highest nutritional value.

4-product function

1) nutritional supplements - to provide high levels of protein, chlorophyll, vitamins

Chlorella medium

Chlorella medium

, Minerals, nucleic acids.

2) Function: A: enhance immune function B: anti-viral infection and proliferation of C: inhibition of cancer cell proliferation D: rapid repair body injury E: remove toxins F: blood pressure, blood sugar rises to inhibit G: lower serum cholesterol levels

3) extract as a food coloring

4) feed - fish and shrimp feed opening

5) Cosmetic Ingredients


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