Casein Phosphopeptides

Casein Phosphopeptides

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Casein peptide phosphate (CPP), derived from natural high quality protein - milk Casein, it can effectively improve human bivalent minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc intake and absorption and utilization, also has a permanent tooth and JianChi, the action of gingiva tooth.CPP is also focusing on improving the utilization ratio of the absorption of calcium nutrition and development of new products, it is now realized industrialization living peptide one of food additives, it compared with VD absorptivity, non-toxic side effects, more can improve other divalent minerals such as zinc, iron absorption.CPP can promote the lower part of the small intestine is the passive diffusion of saturated calcium absorption, the absorption is not affected by the change of the age and VD.



Product name:casein phosphopeptides

Appearance:White Powder


Protein Conten:80%

Shelf Life:2 Years


Application:Food Addtive

Grade:Food Grade.pharmaceutical Grade


1. Promote the absorption of calcium in the small intestine: CPP can inhibit the formation of calcium phosphate precipitation, to maintain a high concentration of free calcium and promote passive absorption of calcium, vitamin D as a calcium absorption promoter another way.

2. Promote the use of calcium in bones: CPP can promote the absorption and utilization of calcium, reduce the role of osteoclasts and inhibit bone resorption.

3. Promote the use of calcium on teeth: CPP can combine calcium ions in food at dental caries and reduce the demineralization of enamel so as to achieve the purpose of caries-resistance.

4.CPP is a polypeptide extracted from natural protein, with the advantages of small adverse reactions, safe and reliable.

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