Brown Rice Protein

Brown Rice Protein

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Rice protein powder is originated from deep processing of rice, it has good product characteristics, it has been one of the most important source of protein in people's diet,and is considered to be the most ideal plant protein so far. it contains all the amino acids that the body needs but cannot synthesize itself, itis a complete protein,low-fat.cholesterol-free, and is a low-sensitivity protein with a high nutritional value.The Lysine content in the rice protein powder is highest in the cereal protein, and the component ration of amino acids is reasonable, it accords with the nutrition pattern recommended by FAO/WHO



Product name:Organic Brown Rice protein

Appearance:light brown fine powder

Specification:Protein 80%,85%


Partical Size:300 mesh,500mesh

Application:protein supplements

Grade:FoodGrade.pharmaceutical Grade

Storage:DryArea,Tightly Sealed


Shelf Life:24 Months

Health Benefits of Rice Protein Isolate Isolate



1. Rice Protein Organic can control heavy metals and microparticles

2. Rice Protein Organic Non - allergen

3. Rice Protein Organic is easy to digest

4. Rice Protein Organic is a completely natural protein in all grains

5. Rice Protein Organic can balance the amino acid profile

6. Rice Protein Organic gluten and degreasing

7. Rice Protein Organic has high biological value

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