Brick Tea

Brick Tea

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Steamed tea, commonly known as brick tea, as the name suggests, is the same shape of bricks, it is also a representative of the pressing tea. It is made into a semi-finished product through various processes such as sieving, fanning, cutting and grinding. It is then steamed into a brick or other type of tea. Brick tea is made from high-quality black-haired tea. It is produced by fermentation and flowering process. The soup is amber, tastes mellow, pure aroma, unique floral and fragrant. Long-term consumption of brick tea can help digestion and effectively regulate the body's metabolism. It has certain health and pathological prevention effects on the human body.



Product Name:instant brick tea powder

Appearance:Brown Powder




Test Method:HPLC UV

Shelf Life:2 Years

Active Ingredient:Brick Tea



1. Instant brick tea extract is pure natural tea flavor, safe and healthy;

2. Instant brick tea extract can help anti-oxidation, anti-aging;

3. Instant brick tea extract can help lose weight;

4. Instant brick tea extract can reduce blood fat and blood sugar;

5. Instant brick tea extract can help lower blood pressure, soften blood vessel, prevent ;cardiovascular disease;

6. Instant brick tea extract can help anti- bacteria, anti-inflammation;

7. Instant brick tea extract can help detoxification, diuresis;

8. Instant brick tea extract can help anti-cancer.

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