Borneolum Syntheticum

Borneolum Syntheticum

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Borneol is extracted from the fresh leaf of Blumea balsamifera.white and translucence flake crystal, Massive crystal or granular crystal,a slightly hard and it is not easy to break when twisting by hand. With fragrance clearance, taste pungent and cool , possess volatile.When ignite it,have the black smoke ,yellow flame. No Residual.

It is can be easily solved in ethanol, chloroform or ethyl ether, hardly solved in water



Product Name:Borneol

CAS No.:464-43-7

Other Names:Borneol


Appearance:White flaky crystal


Shelf life:2 Years

Molecular Weight:154.25

Melting point:204 ~ 209oC

quality standard:CP2015


1.Borneol  is useful for treating cuts and bruises, rheumatism, bronchitis and coughs, and a good insect repellent.

2.Borneol  is used for making varnish and inks and as a fragrance for soaps.

3.Borneol  is considered a powerful remedy against plague and infectious diseases, stomach and bowel complaints, also used for ritual purposes.

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