Atractylodes Lancea Oil

Atractylodes Lancea Oil

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Atractylis oil/atractylodes lancea essential oil distilled from atractylodes root, which mainly comes from China. It  is a solid waxy - crystalline mass of pale yellow to Orange -red colour, often the odour of atractylis oil is complex: fresh warm, woody -spicy, buttery. Its main constituents is solid sesquiterpene alcohol. Atractylis oil can be interestingly used in many Oriental woody, spicy, leathery and ambered compositions. The flavour is bitter and rather unattractive. It is widely  used in Can be widely used in daily chemical, food, health products, drugs and other industries.



Product name: Atractylodes lancea oil

Main Ingredients:Ligustilide, phellandrene, angelic acid, fourteen lactone etc.

Appearance:Reddish brown sticky liquid

Arsenic Content (mg/kg):≤0.0002%

Heavy Mental (mg/kg):≤0.001%

Relative Density (20/20°C):0.980--1.030

Refractive Index(20°C):1.51--1.54

Acid Value:≤20

Shelf Life:2 Years



1.Bitter, sweet and warm, belongs to spleen and stomach meridian;

2.Strengthen spleen, dispel the wind, disperse cold and improve eyesight, cure abdominal fullness and distention, diarrhoea, edema, dermatophytosis, atrophy and flaccidity, rheumatism, cold and nyctalopia.

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