Angelica Seed Oil

Angelica Seed Oil

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Angelica Essential Oil is derived from the either the seeds or the roots of the Angelica archangelica plant which grows in the damp soil of mainly northern European countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.Function: 



Raw Material:Seeds

Model Number:Angelica Oil

Color:Brown Yellow

Volume (L):1

Purity (%):100

Cultivation Type:Common


Product Type:Other


The Angelica Root oil is a wonderful remedy for high anxiety, fear feelings, depression, negative feelings, trauma feelings and mental instability. It also helps inducing a comfortable sleep.

It boosts up digestive system very effectively. It is very helpful in healing respiratory disorders. It is highly reputed to improve blood circulation and cardio-vascular systems.

Its basic effervescent nature makes it a preferred ingredient for the fragrance and 

It also gives relief from menstruation and menopause related problems to women.                 


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