Grape Skin Extract

Grape Skin Extract

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Grape skin extract is carried out using a dilute solution of acid, normally sulfurous acid.

Available in liquid or powdered form

Soluble in water and water/alcohol, but not in fats and oils.

Applications include beverages, candy, cosmetics, mixes, cake mixes, etc

Grape Skin Extract is to provide the health benefits of red wine in powdered form. It is high in phenols and other active components compared to other grape skin extracts. Laboratory tests show that Grape Skin Extract contains 20 active components, while other extracts typically have about four. The production level of Grape Skin Extract is also very low, making it a rare ingredient in health supplements.

Grape Skin (4)_副本


Product Name:Grape Skin Extract

Latin Name:Vitis vinifera L

Active Ingredient:Polyphenols,Resveratrol,Anthocyanines,Grape-skin red


Grape Skin(4-1)副本


1. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical field;

2. As active ingredients of health products, it is mainly used in health product industry;

3. As pharmaceutical raw materials.

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