Glycyrrhizic Acid A

Glycyrrhizic Acid A

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Licorice root is adaptogen, which means that it does general tonic by promoting adrenal gland. Licorice helps with stress and stress related illnesses, which can have both physical and psychological causes.

Licorice root is generally used to treat inflammation and alleviation of the mucous membranes. Therefore has a favorable effect on the respiratory tract, the stomach and intestines, and in gastritis, ulcers and other wounds in the mucous membrane.


Product Name: Glycyrrhizic Acid A

CAS NO: 1405-86-3

Appearance: White Crystalline Powder

Part Used: Root

Specification:HPLC 60%, HPLC 65%, HPLC≥73%

Storage: Store In cool and dry places. Keep away from strong sunlight.


1. Glycyrrhizic Acid A can be used as sweetener, flavoring agent and flavoring agent.

2. Glycyrrhizic Acid A has a remarkable effect of nourishing and developing hair, and can be used as an additive in hair nutrition products and skin care products.

3. Glycyrrhizic Acid A in skin care products can enhance the efficacy of other active substances in sun protection, whitening, antipruritic, conditioning and scarring.

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