Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen

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Bee pollen is rich in natural vitamins and minerals and also  highly concentrated.It contains all the necessary nutrients of the human body which do good to our health !

Bee pollen has following functions as : nourishing the body tonic, robust brain agent, promotor of child development, edible beauty composition and a therapeutic agent for various diseases. 

It be promoted as natural treasures of Health, illnesses and Beauty by Nutrition sector, the pharmaceutical sector, beauty sector



Product Type:Bee Pollen

Place of Origin:Shanxi,China (Mainland)

Brand Name:BINGO


Certification: GMP, ISO, KOSHER

Grade:Food Grade

Shelf Life:24 Months

Brix (%):8 %

Max. Moisture (%):5 %

Nectar Source:Flowers

Protein (%):25 %

Color:Light yellow


Latin Name:Pinusmassoniana Lamb

Part Used:pollen

Function:Health Protect


1. Promote the metabolism of skin cell and defer the cell senescence.

2. Bee pollen has the positive adjustment of nervous system which can keep the head high energy.

3. Promote the Hematopoietic function of our body and radioresistance.

4. Improve the number and activity of lymphocyte and macrophage in our body so that it can develop immunity from disease and resist fatigue, advance sex function

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