Rice Protein Peptide

Rice Protein Peptide

1.Latin Name:Rice dapibus precursor
2.Specification: 99% Rice Protein Peptide
3.Appearance:white or brown powder
5.Sample: Available
6.Certificates: COA, Halal, Kosher, ISO22000, cGMP.

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Healthcare supplement Organic rice protein peptide is a protein supplement made from GM-free rice, usually found in powder form. Unlikely whey powder made from dairy and soy, which can cause digestive problems for some people, rice protein is often more easily digested and shares with soy the advantage of being completely vegan. Some users on gluten-free diets use rice protein since it is also gluten-free, and others cite the main advantage is that it is less expensive than whey protein. Organic Rice Protein can be added to food such as baked goods or flavorable beverages to enhance the taste, also used to make baby foods, sports nutrition. Rice protein have full amino acid profiles, are vegan, dairy free, allergen free and GMO free. It is easy to find the perfect choice for your formulation-protein shakes, smoothies, protein bars and as a alternative meal replacement diet for people who wanna lose weight.

The rice protein by enzyme decomposition rice protein peptide, have the function of the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure, to the human body can be used to make inhibition of the human body blood pressure medication.



Product name:rice protein peptide 

Color:white or brown



Moisture content:8% max

Grade:food grade or feed grade

shelf life:2 years

protein:80% min


1.Rice Peptide has auxiliary hypotensive action.

2.Rice Peptide has whitening, moisturizing, skin care effect.

3.Rice Peptide contains all kinds of amino acids needed by human body, providing amino acids and peptides for nutrition.

4.Rice Peptide can adjusting immunity.

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