Corn oligopeptide powder

Corn oligopeptide powder

1.Latin Name:HFrumentum pulveris oligopeptide
2.Specification: 99% Corn oligopeptide powder
3.Appearance:Light Yellow Powder
5.Sample: Available
6.Certificates: COA, Halal, Kosher, ISO22000, cGMP.

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Corn oligopeptide powder

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The corn oligopeptides is thermostable, solvable in water .The aqueous solution shows transparent. The viscosity of the solution has nearly nothing with its concentration and temperature. In high temperature, the viscosity hasnt great change.In the amino acid Composition of corn peptides, Glutei acid, almandine, leonine, and proline dominate others, and these several kinds do a great deal to the metabolism of alcohol in vivo and antifatigue.22

Corn oligopeptide powder

Product Name:Corn oligopeptide powder

Appearance:Light Yellow Powder


Active Ingredient:Amino acid, Protein


Botanical Source:Corn Seed

Particle Size:NLT100%Through 80 Mesh

Function:Health Protect

Shelf Life:2 Years Proper Storage

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Corn oligopeptide powder3


Corn oligopeptide powder

1. Corn Oligopeptides Powder providing anti-fatigue effects as the functional food after heavy sports.

2. Corn Oligopeptides Powder Beverage, tablet for protecting liver and acceleration of ethanol metabolism.

3. Activation agent for regulating cellular immunity function, cardiovascular functional amelioration.

4. Corn Oligopeptides Powder as a kind of nutrimental agent for regulating the function of gastroenteritis.

5. Corn Oligopeptides Powder as a kind of food additive which it can accelerate easy digestion and absorption.

6. Corn Oligopeptides Powder as a kind of cosmetic additive for helping recovery of the organic functions.


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