1.CAS No.: 9002-07-7
2.Specification: 99%
3.Appearance: Off-White Powder
5.Sample: Available
6.Certificates: COA, Halal, Kosher, ISO22000, cGMP.

Product Details

Trypsin CAS NO. 9002-07-7

Product details

Product Name: Trypsin

Appearance: Off white powder

CAS NO. 9002-07-7

EINECS No. 232-629-3

Molecular formula: C35H47N7O10

Molecular Weight : 725.78858

Test method: HPLC

Purity: ≥99.0%

Packing: 1kg 25kg

Warranty period: 24 months


Trypsin is a kind of serine proteolytic enzyme, with molecular weight of 23300 dalton, and is a single peptide chain composed of 223 amino acid residues. With rigorous specificity, the trypsin specifically acts on the peptide linkage constituted by the basic amino acid arginine and leucine. Enzyme easily autolyzes by itself, and its activation also reduces or loses gradually. It is easily soluble in the water, but insoluble in trichloromethane, ethanol, ether and glycerin, and the optimum PH is 8.0~9.0. When the PH is 1.8, it is hardly deactivated when boiled for a short time; if the salt is added into the hot solution, the protein will precipitate, and the enzyme action of filtrate cannot be seen, and Ca2+ plays the role in protecting and activating the trypsin.


1. Clinical surgery used for all kinds of inflammation, ulcer, gangrene, wound, partial abscess caused by the atrophy hole, edema, hematoma and poisonous snake bite and other disease. In the surgery, it used for treat ringworm scabies and other skin disease. In the internal medicine, it used for empyema, emphysema, bronchitis, bronchial breathing and other disease. General intramuscular injection, also can inject to chest or to the hole of abscess atrophy tube, remove the pus washing or atomizing inhalation used for respiratory disorders. Besides, the treatment of diabetic complications, like the nephritis, treatment of bone disease and so on.

2. As a food processing cutting big molecular protein.

3. The hydrolysis of protein properties as reagent widely used in biology, medicine, food industry research and development, testing field.


1.Helps support healthy circulatory systems

2.Improves cardiovascular health

3.Lowers cholesterol levels

4.Reduces hypertension

5.Relievesdepression and symptoms of other mental health problems

6.May haveeffects in cancer prevention.

Packaging & Shipping

a. Aluminum foil bag: 1 kg/bag, 2kg/bag, 5kg/bag, with plastic bags inside, aluminum bag outside;

b. Cardboard drum: 25 kgs/drum, with double layers plastic bags inside, external use cardboard drums.

c. Customized by customers.

Storage: Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and direct sun light.

Shelf Life: 2 years if store right.

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