High Purity Anti-aging Fast Anti Wrinkle Ingredient Muconopeptide Mu-conotoxin CnIIIC

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Product Details

High Purity Anti-aging Fast anti wrinkle ingredient muconopeptide / Mu-conotoxin CnIIIC

Product details

Product Name: Mu-conotoxin CnIIIC

Other Name:conotoxin

Appearance:White Powder
Specification: 99%
Analysis by: HPLC


Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China

Type:Anti-wrinkle and Anti-aging

Grade Standard:Medicine Grade, Medicine Grade, Cosmetic Grade

Usage:Animal Pharmaceuticals

Brand Name:BINGO

Shelf life:2 years


Mu-conotoxin CnIIIC is a biomimetic of a natural conopeptide from venomous marine cone snail (Conus consors). Biologically, it acts as a modulator of the neuromuscular transmission, as well as a potent and selective blocker of the voltage-gated sodium channel Nav 1.4. Cosmetically, it acts as an instant line relaxer giving a smooth skin appearance.


1.Decrease Surface-Length-Depth of Wrinkles When Smiling

2.Visible Crow’s Feet Line Smoothing

3.Eyelid Opening


Mu-conotoxin CnIIIC can be incorporated in anti-wrinkle (instant line relaxer) especially deep wrinkles formulations. And it should be incorporated at the end of the formulation at 30°C.

Packaging & Shipping

a. Aluminum foil bag: 1 kg/bag, 2kg/bag, 5kg/bag, with plastic bags inside, aluminum bag outside;

b. Cardboard drum: 25 kgs/drum, with double layers plastic bags inside, external use cardboard drums.

c. Customized by customers.

Storage: Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and direct sun light.

Shelf Life: 2 years if store right.

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